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at home teeth whitening

This is our most popular and recommended teeth whitening in Perth, and is considered by many to be the “gold standard” of teeth whitening. Home teeth whitening gives the best and most predictable results of all teeth whitening methods. It only takes two 15 minute appointments.

The procedure is described below.


At your initial teeth whitening consultation we will assess your teeth and advise the best whitening protocol for you. We begin by taking a photo of your teeth and determine what your current tooth shade (colour) is. This is later used to compare the final teeth whitening result.

teeth whitening - shade selection

Taking the impression

Next we will take a mould of your upper and lower teeth. These moulds are then used to make your very own customised at home teeth whitening trays. 

teeth whitening - taking the mould


Fitting your at home teeth whitening trays

Your trays are ready to be fitted in as little as 2-3 days. At this second appointment we will try your customised trays in your mouth ensuring they fit 100%. You will then be shown how to apply the teeth whitening gel in the tray, how to put them in your mouth, and be given your personalised teeth whitening plan.  That's it!

teeth whitening - trying in the whitening trays



We like to review all our teeth whitening clients 2 - 4 weeks after the teeth whitening process.  At this appointment we review the colour of the teeth and any questions you may have. Another photo is taken along with a colour match to compare how successful your teeth whitening has been. In some cases we may need to alter the whitening plan in order to obtain the desired result.

                before                              after

   before home teeth whitening    after home teeth whitening

How much does teeth whitening at home cost?

The starting price for teeth whitening at home is only $350. This price includes your consultation, customised at home whitening trays, teeth whitening gel, plus your review appointment.

The price will vary however if you require additional teeth whitening or other whitening enhancements such as        micro-abrasion or filling replacement. Any additional cost will be explained to you at your initial complimentary teeth whitening consult.

With a health fund?  Good news, various health funds will cover some of the cost of teeth whitening!

So for teeth whitening at home in Perth call us today to brighten your smile.

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