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At Dental Excellence we pride our selves on our commitment to the highest level of aesthetic dentisty,
including porcelain veneers, crowns and teeth whitening. The pictures you will see are examples of work
performed on our clients.

Porcelain Veneers

Before and After

In the case below six porcelain crowns where placed in order to improve the colour, shape
and size of the existing teeth.








Similarly in this case, eight porcelain crowns were place to lighten the teeth and improve their shape
and colour.

Porcelain Veneers Perth Porcelain Veneers Perth








Enamel Bonding

Our client's concern was their yellow teeth and the gap between the two front teeth. The colour was improved
with Home Teeth  Whitening (2 weeks), followed by enamel bonding to close the gap.

enamel bonding perth home teeth whitening perth








The front four teeth of our client were worn down and chipped. Within one visit they are
beautifully restored to their natural state with enamel bonding.

enamel bonding perth enamel bonding perth








Our client was very consious with the way their teeth looked, and never smiled. Some dental artistry
with enamel bonding transformed their smile in only one visit. Now they can't stop smiling!

enamel bonding perth enamel bonding perth








Teeth Whitening

In this situation our client wanted to improve his smile. The teeth were very discoloured due to
smoking, and many of the old white fillings were stained. We perfomed Home Teeth Whitening for an
extended period, then replaced several of the front fillings. The result was amazing!

at home teeth whitening perth at home teeth whitening perth








Our client wanted whiter teeth. Their colour was improved with one week of Home Teeth Whitening.
Their shape was also enhanced with minor tooth enamel bonding.

teeth whitening at home  teeth whitening at home








Staining of teeth can be caused by many factors, in this case our client had flourosis of his two
front teeth plus residule staining due to diet. After two weeks of Home Teeth Whitening and enamel bonding
his smile was greatly improved.

teeth whitening at home  at home teeth whitening perth








White Fillings

Amalgam (metal) fillings weaken teeth and are unaesthetic. Advances in cosmetic dentistry allow
restoration of teeth with highly aesthetic tooth coloured materials.

You may notice a rubber material around the teeth.This is called dental dam which is used to
ensure white restorations are placed correctly at the time of treatment to ensure a succesful restoration.

cosmetic dentistry perth cosmetic dentistry perth








cosmetic dentistry perth cosmetic dentistry perth









Implants are a great replacement for missing teeth. Our client had their upper right teeth
replaced with two implants. Enamel bonding was also used to repair the front chipped teeth.

dental implants perth dental implants perth








Our client had lost their front tooth many years ago and was wearing a plate as a substitute.
Implants are a great option to replace missing teeth, the result a natural looking tooth that feels
like your own.

dental implants perth dental implants perth

Crowns and Bridges

Missing teeth can be replaced by a bridge. Our client had their missing tooth replace by a
direct resin bonded bridge. This proceedure was competed in only one seating.

resin bonded bridge resin bonded bridge perth








Old crowns begin to show signs of wear. Dark bands around gum lines also become quite
noticable. With advances in materials crowns can be metal free, eliminating any unsightly
margins. In this case eight crowns were replaced, the result a lovely white smile!

cosmetic dentist perth cosmetic dentist perth








In this case our client wanted their old crowns replaced as the colour shape and dark lines
around the gum were unsatisfactory. We replace four front crowns in this situation improving the
overall smile design.

cosmetic dentist perth cosmetic dentist perth

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