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We encourage our patients to ask a lot of questions, and we are always glad when they do. We have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as brief answers to them. We hope they will help you get to know us and the specialized treatments we offer.

Are you a preferred provider?

Dental Excellence is pleased to announce that they are a HBF preferred provider, the largest health insurance provider in Western Australia. We can now offer our patients better rebates, meaning less out of pocket expense for you for all your dental proceedures. You are also entitled to one FREE clean a year.

If you looking for a HBF dentist in Perth, please call our practice for an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

HBF preferred dental provider

Do you accept my health fund?

We accept all health funds. We offer on the spot claiming (HICAPS) so that you do not have to wait in a long queue to claim your benefits. A swipe of your fund card pays the benefit to us electronically and you will know immediately the balance still payable. As some health funds are not covered under HICAPS, you may need to pay the fee in full and claim back from your health fund or any other third party responsible for your own insurance.
You can also find out in advance what your fund will pay for proposed treatment.

We can provide you with the relevant item numbers for treatment required prior to the day of service, allowing you to check with your health fund in advance exactly what will be covered.

In many cases, the cost of treatment will be greater than the benefit your fund will pay. We suggest that it is in your better long term interest to make dental decisions based on what’s best for your health, rather than what your health fund will cover.

If you have health insurance, you can be assured we will work closely with you to ensure the fund’s payment will be appropriate, correct, and the maximum applicable from your fund for the services performed.

While we endeavour to ensure you receive your correct rebate, we do not deal directly with Private Health Insurance Funds.

Are you taking new patients?

Yes, new patients are welcome. Our entire team is proud to be able to share with you our passion in providing our exceptional level of health care.

The best complement our existing patients provide us with regularly is a referral of a family member or friend. If you have been referred by an existing patient, then please let us know so that we can be sure to thank them.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

Our entire practice team is well versed in state-of-the-art sterilization and disinfection techniques designed to ensure patient safety. This goes beyond wearing gloves and facemasks to prevent passing germs; it includes a specialised sterilisation center and a water filtration system, which guarantees a fresh, individualised, distilled water source for each patient. Our office exceeds the standard sterilisation requirements to provide a safe, clean environment for our patients.

What makes you different from any other dental practice?

When you become a patient of our practice, we get to know you as an individual. Since our goal is to help you obtain and then maintain the best possible oral health, we take time to understand your dental history, assess your current dental health status, and think through the best options for your particular needs. We also make sure we equip you with the information you need to make wise and healthy choices for your own long-term dental health. We believe that it is our patients' right to choose their dental treatment.

How much will my treatment cost?

For any given patient, there will be a number of different treatment options, different technical requirements for the treatment, and different materials and components that may be recommended for you personally.

When you consider that we must take all of these things into consideration to give you an accurate price, then you can appreciate why it is so difficult to give prices out over the phone.

However you can be assured that during your initial consultation, all costs will be explained. Any proposed treatment will be will also be accompanied by an itemised estimate.

How can I have whiter teeth?

One of the most commonly requested procedures today is cosmetic teeth whitening. Our team at dental excellence has a passion for cosmetic dentistry, and specialises in teeth whitening procedures. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the brightest smiles in Perth. To schedule your complimentary whitening consultation or to learn more about teeth whitening in Perth, call us on (08) 9443 8333.

How do I know when it's time to come in for a check up?

An average, healthy adult typically benefits from a professional cleaning and check up every six months. However, it's tough to generalise because every mouth is different. Some people are prone to gum disease, decay, or other ongoing oral health concerns that require more frequent visits; others simply need a routine professional tartar removal at regular intervals. That's why we're so careful to check methodically and determine what kind of ongoing professional treatment will achieve your optimum dental health.

Why do I need x-rays? Are they safe?

We recommend x-rays to be taken once every 2 years in order to detect areas that are difficult or impossible to see visually in the mouth. If there are areas of greater concern then we may choose to take an x-ray for a specific tooth so that we may see the entire root of the tooth. If there are several areas of concern such as wisdom teeth in the four parts of the jaw, then an OPG (panoramic x-ray which shows all teeth) will be more suitable.

The Smile Team uses the latest advanced computerized technology in taking digital x-rays to minimize the radiation to about 70% less than that of traditional x-rays.

The radiation from each individual Bitewing x-ray is equivalent to the same amount of radiation each and everyone of us receives from one day of natural background radiation (extremely tiny). Despite this, our entire team is dedicated to limiting the amount of radiation every patient receives at our dental practice.

What about my children, at what age do they first see a dentist?

Dental Excellence warmly welcomes children. Early visits provide several advantages: they give us the opportunity to spot and prevent any potential oral health/dental problems; they can also give the child a positive, non-threatening dental office experience. That's why we recommend parents bring their child in at or after the age of two, or at whatever age they're most willing to communicate with an adult other than a parent.

Do you accept the Child Dental Benefit Scheme Voucher?

Absolutely! The federal government incentive “Child Dental Benefit Scheme” provided through Medicare to eligible families continues. Vouchers providing $1,000 value for preventative dental health check includes oral examination, and where applicable the provision of x rays, scaling and cleaning, fissure sealants, fluoride treatment and or other preventative advice and instruction.

To be eligible for the vouchers, teens must be aged between 12-17 and be receiving Youth Allowance or Abstudy, or, if the teen’s parents are receiving the Family Tax Benefit A.

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme has been initiated to provide financial assistance to eligible families to help assess the health of their childrens’ teeth, and to introduce preventative strategies to encourage lifetime good oral health habits.

At Dental Excellence we bulk bill these teen vouchers which means that you do not have to pay a cent for your teen's check-up or other preventative services. No out of pocket expenses.

Don't let your voucher go to waste! Book an appointment online.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

We see all patients on an appointment basis and ask that you call in advance so that we may reserve time for you. We respect your time and make every effort to remain on schedule and ask that you extend the same courtesy to us. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify us immediately. We appreciate 48-hours notice so that this time may be given to another patient. Appointments cancelled or broken without 24-hour notice will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

What payments do you accept?

Payment in full is required on the day of treatment. We offer several payment options for your convenience. We accept Cash Cheque, Debit card, Master Card, and American Express. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact us.

What are my rights?

We will always endevour to advise our patients about their rights and the way our practice operates. As part of our process in providing you with this information we have attached a copy of the Australian Charter of Patient Rights here.

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