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Women’s Health Week: Why a woman’s dental health matters to the whole family!

Women’s Health Week: Why a woman’s dental health matters to the whole family!

This week at Dental Excellence we are celebrating women’s health week! Dental Excellence is home to female employees at all stages of life and we understand the challenges that all women face when it comes to caring for their health. But why in particular can a woman’s dental health have such a big impact on her family and friends?

Families come in all shapes and sizes. While the family unit has drastically changed over the past few decades, women still have massive influence on whether or not their family seek preventative dental treatment such as check-ups, x-rays and dental cleans. If you are a woman that is responsible for booking medical appointments in your family, you hold the key to improving your families oral health and possibly preventing your children from ever needing dental restorative work.

We see so many mums at Dental Excellence bringing their kids in for their regular dental check-ups, getting sports mouthguards fitted and booking in their partners and adult family members for dental treatment as well. We just want to say a huge “Well done!” to these hard working women because you are contributing to a cavity-free future for the next generations of kids. You are also contributing to a happier population! There’s a lot to be said for a confident smile – it belies a happy and confident person. For many decades generations past have been too self-conscious to smile properly because of their teeth but this is quickly changing as people realise that they can take steps towards improving their oral health and it is improving people’s self-esteem as a result.

Women without kids are also having an impact on the dental care of others. Many partners, family and friends end-up at Dental Excellence through recommendation – both verbal and non-verbal. Believe it or not, your glowing white smile or chatting about your recent trip to the dentist may have motivated someone else to take action and book an appointment.

We just want to take this opportunity, during Women’s Health Week, to thank all of the women that are our patients. Thank you for promoting good oral health in our community by your good example. 

Happy Women’s Health Week everyone!

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