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Why you shouldn’t miss your whitening review!

Why you shouldn’t miss your whitening review!

All patients that are interested in teeth whitening at Dental Excellence Perth receive a free whitening consult. Once you have completed teeth whitening, you are invited back for a complimentary teeth whitening review. Many people wonder whether they really need to attend this review appointment, especially if they have achieved incredible results. If you have had teeth whitening treatment done at Dental Excellence you may have asked the same question. So why should you attend your teeth whitening review?

1.       When you attend your review you get the satisfaction of having your “after” pictures taken and an accurate measurement of your new shade is taken. This means that you have tangible evidence of how many shades lighter your teeth are. And it is always great to see the happy surprise on a patients face when they see their before and after pictures side-by-side. And seeing that happy bright white smile on your face makes us smile too.

2.       There may be room for improvement! No doubt you are really happy with your results but at your review appointment you may find that there is still room for improvement. Your dentist may recommend that you do a little but more whitening to get the result that you truly want. Due to heavy staining from smoking or medication, some patients may require more than 4 weeks of whitening.  We are committed to helping you achieve the end-result that you have been aiming for.

3.       We guarantee all of our take-home teeth whitening treatments. We guarantee our take-home teeth whitening treatments because we genuinely care. We want you to get value out of the money you have spent on whitening your smile.

4.       This may be the first step towards getting the smile you have always wanted. Cosmetic smile make-overs such as implants, porcelain or composite veneers usually require whitening to be completed first. But without first completing your whitening review, we can’t commence further cosmetic treatment

5.       You get a voucher for a free professional photoshoot plus $200 to spend on photos so that you can capture your brand new white smile on camera!

So there you have it:  five compelling reasons for you to make and keep your teeth whitening review appointment! And it gets even better: if you have only attended Dental Excellence for teeth whitening and you usually see another dentist, we invite you to try us out with a $25 discount off your first dental check-up or scale and clean with us! Terms and conditions apply, call 08 9443 8333 for more information.

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