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Should I replace my old amalgam fillings?

You may been recommended by your Dental Excellence Perth dentist to replace your amalgam fillings. Why may this be worthwhile doing?

1. Mercury can leak from amalgam (silver) fillings. Although this would only be in tiny amounts, your body has absolutely no use for mercury so why have it in your body at all? White composite fillings are 100% safe. 

2. Aesthetics. Amalgam fillings are not the most attractive looking things to have in your mouth and many people are self-conscious about smiling incase they reveal a mouth full of silver. White composite filling material used at Dental Excellence looks exactly like your natural tooth so noone will ever know you have had dental work done!

3. Breakdown of filling. If an amalgam filling is in-tact then there is no need to replace it unless you are concerned about the first two reasons mentioned above. However overtime the amalgam filling may chip, crack, show poor margins or develop decay under or around the amalgam. In any of these cases it may be time to seriously consider replacing the amalgam to preserve the health of the tooth. 

Our Dental Excellence Perth dentists have not used amalgam for many years. We are confident that once you try white composite fillings, you will never want to go back!

Author: Sophia Wotherspoon

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