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Should I just get my tooth extracted if I can’t afford treatment?

According to a recent article on ABC news, one third of Australians are avoiding the dentist as they are worried about the cost. As a result, problems that may have been prevented from regular check-ups or that may have required a relatively simple and cost-effective fix become major problems that can seem expensive.

Some patients conclude that since they don’t feel they can afford a crown or root canal treatment, they will just have the tooth extracted. If you are currently thinking about asking your dentist to extract a tooth as an alternative to treating it there are a few important factors you should consider:

 1.  The treatment recommended may not be as expensive as you think!

At Dental Excellence we aim follow environmentally friendly cost-saving practices while maintaining the high standard of cleanliness and work that has earned us our ADA Accreditation. As a result we have strived to keep our costs at a reasonable level so that excellent dental treatment is attainable for everyone. If you think your dental treatment may be expensive, why not book a consultation first to get a quote? You may be pleasantly surprised! You may also find that there are a few options available to you, some of which you hadn’t considered before. Additionally, you may be shocked to find that your health fund will cover the majority of the cost of treatment making the treatment much more affordable for you.

2. We try to save teeth!

There is much medical evidence available now which shows that whenever possible it is always best to keep your teeth as long as possible. A root canal treatment, crown or bridge is far less traumatic to your body than having teeth extracted which leads us to our third point for consideration:

3. Needlessly extracting a tooth can cause more problems than it solves!

If you have a tooth extracted instead of choosing to save it through dental therapy, you could be causing yourself far more problems than if you opted for the dentists recommendation. Having a gap in your teeth can cause the other teeth in your mouth to shift unless you have the gap filled. Filling the gap may require costly implant surgery or crowning at least two teeth to create a bridge – all of which are far more expensive than treatment would have been to save the tooth in the first place. Alternatively you may need to opt for a partial denture to fill the gap – however, not many people would choose to start wearing a denture and wearing them constantly can prove to be quite irritating to the patient. Many patients that opt for a partial denture end up getting an implant or a bridge anyway due to the inconvenience of a partial denture.

So before you insist that your dentist “just pull the tooth” instead of getting treatment, take time to consider his professional opinion. Research the treatment being recommended. Get a quote. Seriously weigh up the pros and cons of the options available to you. If you are worried about the cost, tell us! We are real people with families so we understand how sometimes it can be difficult to afford medical treatment and we may be able to make some alternative treatment suggestions.

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