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Dental Health Week: Kid's Colouring Competition

Dental Health Week 2016: Women's Oral Health

Why the focus on Women's Oral Health in 2016? Because research shows that many women, especially those who are pregnant or with young children, tend to put dental-care at the lower end of their priorities.

The theme for this year's Dental Health Week is all about encouraging women of all ages to prioritise their oral healtyh during their key life stages: puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

Also due to the fact that many women are still the primary care-giver in their family, if they take the lead in prioritising oral health then this can result in the rest of the family following their example. Use this colouring competition as an opportunity to talk to your children about the importance of oral hygiene and to create a positive association with dental-care.

Stay tuned as we will be publishing articles on this blog covering key dental-care facts for each key stage in a womans life plus advise on how to manage increased risk during various stages.

Get your child involved: Healthy Teeth for Life! Colouring-in Competition

How to Enter:

Print out the "Healthy Teeth for Life!" picture below by right clicking on the picture to Save Image and then print from your computer. Get your child to colour it in and email us their artwork to or bring it into the surgery. Don't forget to attach your contact details to the picture along with your childs age. The winner will receive a specialized dental goody bag full of lots of great prizes! The winner will be drawn on Tuesday 9th August.


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