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Dental Care for Kids - 5 Questions Answered!

We get asked many questions by parents about how best to look after their children's dental care so in this article we answer 5 of the most commonly asked questions!

Question 1: At what age should I bring my child to the dentist?

Answer: As soon as they get teeth! Ideally you should start bringing your child to the dentist regularly from 12 months of age. The dentist will perform a quick check of your childs mouth to make sure that everything is developing normally. If everything looks good, then a yearly checkup will be recommended.This also benefits the child by getting them used to visiting the dentist from an early age. The dentist may recommend 6-monthly visits if your child has needed fillings in the past, if they have experienced trauma or developmental abnormalities that need monitoring or as they get into their teenage years!

Question 2: What should I do if my child experiences a trauma such as banging their mouth/teeth?

Answer: Book an appointment to have your dentist check your childs teeth as soon as possible - this is applicable for children of any age but especially if your child already has a few of their adult teeth. Usually there is no serious damage but as a precautionary measure it is best to book your child in to see the dentist. It is also recommended that your child is booked to see a dentist if you notice one of their teeth has darkened or changed colour.

Question 3: Can my child use normal toothpaste when brushing?

Answer: No! Your child needs to use age-appropriate toothpaste. Check the packaging of toothpastes to see the recommended age of use. There are many toothpastes specifically formulated for children ages 0-5.

Question 4: What toothbrush should my child use?

Answer: Look for the age guidelines on the toothbrush packaging before purchasing. Very young children require soft-bristle toothbrushes that are much smaller in size than regular toothbrushes so choose a brush appropriate to your childs age. If you bring your child for a checkup at Dental Excellence, they will receive a free toothbrush for their specific age-group.

Question 5: How can I get my child to brush their teeth?

Answer: From a young age you need to get your child used to the concept of brushing their teeth. Give your toddler a toothbrush to play with. They will most-likely chew on it and this will get them accustomed to the idea of brushing. Help your child brush their teeth by showing them how to do it. If they are already brushing independantly, make sure you still watch them brush their teeth or brush your teeth at the same time so that you know it is getting done properly. You can find many helpful instructional videos on brushing teeth for children. Remember to make it fun! Videos about brushing teeth like the one below can help children embrace this habit that will last them a lifetime.


Author: Sophia Wotherspoon

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